Friday, February 28, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Name Change

When I wrote my comic "Revenge of the Lesbian Folk-Singer" back in 2002 I was trying (among other things) to satirize 1980's political correctness (and incorrectness). The title was meant to refer back to old B movie and pulp magazine salaciousness of the "Vampire Lesbos on the Moon!" sort. At the time that seemed pretty funny to me.

Last night, I was watching George Takei talk about what's going on in Arizona, and I realized there's nothing funny about some middle aged white guy making jokes that rely on other people's sexuality, ironically or not.

So I'm going to be changing the title of the piece (which I've been serializing here and on Tumblr). Starting next week, it's "The Revenge of the Feminist Folk-Singer" (which even alliterates!)

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Outdoor Life

Just finished this study, acrylic on canvas, about 36 x 40".